Day 82

A lot of you — especially MyBigWalker Lucky Lucy and her friends, who’ve pledged to walk 1000 miles each in 2010 — have been asking how I keep myself motivated and walking every day.

With that in mind, Monday’s going to be Motivation Day. Or inspiration Day. Or Tricks-to-Keep-Yourself-Moving-Even-When-the-Weather-Outside-is-Frightful Day!

So here goes:

Tip #1: You know you have to walk, but it’s raining or the weather channel is predicting a  blizzard? Have your daughter or husband drive you somewhere roughly an hour away, and leave you there — sort of like a Suburban Outward Bound….now you have to walk home (no fair calling a friend for a ride!).

How Can This Be Fun? Be creative! Last weekend, when it was raining buckets of freezing rain, I had Frank drive me to Carin’s Earthly Treasures jewelry show, where I spent the last of a generous gift certificate from my wonderful friends.  I didn’t feel so bad walking through the driving rain with a new ring on my finger and gifts for my daughter packed away in my rainproof backpack.

This Saturday, with the first snowflakes were salting the sky, I drove to the movie theater and bought two tickets to a 7 o’clock showing of  Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces”. When it was cold and dark, Frank and I bundled up, had Melissa drop us at the theater, and walked home through the empty streets at 10.

So that’s how it’s done: Suburban-Style Outward Bound. When you get home, make a nice cup of tea and put on your slippers. You’ve earned it.