Day 76


Is it dull to have an ordinary life, or is it glorious? I think it depends on the day, and what you think is ordinary, and how true is your love. 

Today in the newspaper I read that scientists say the very same stars that exploded at the origin of time have found their way into the fibers of our skin.

After breakfast I walked out with the dog and asked myself is anyone or anything truly ordinary?

Stars die and life begins. Every possibility is in us at this very moment – how can a day be ordinary?

I feared beyond reason that I would lose my mind or grow to know my mother’s misery in the intimate way we know the sound of our own blood

and I am not lost, I am not miserable —

how can a day be ordinary?

How can a day be ordinary when the orbit of planets in the vacuum of sky mirrors the movement of molecules?

What’s in the heavens, too large for us to see, is in our selves, too miniscule to witness.

If we stand still we can feel infinity in our limbs –

if I stand still the dog tugs at her leash and the cold lashes my skin

so I go inside, wash the breakfast dishes, make the beds, read a book, simmer veal for stew

I put dinner on the table, summon my family to the kitchen, and call it ordinary when two or more of the people I love gather in the same room

we call it ordinary even as stars

spin inside us.

                             — from BLUE SUBURBIA: Almost a Memoir

Thanks to USA Weekend / USA Today  for naming my memoir-in-verse one  of “5  Unique Finds for Book Lovers” just in time for the holidays! If you pair it with a lovely journal and a nice pen, and you’ve given a gift that says your story matters to me. And really, what’s more important than that?