Day 75


Well! There seems to be some people  a certain friend who wonders if I’m actually going out and walking every day, as in “really every single day?”.  This so-called friend suggests I post a picture from my walk every day. As in every single day, another photo of where I’ve been.

Now sometimes I do go walking in very beautiful places with great views and interesting photo opportunities. But a lot of days I’m walking in town, past the same houses the same lake the same fountain the same forest reservation and the same damn gas station!

But just today — and just because it was 34 degrees and raining all day and because that certain unnamed friend Pam suggested it might be a nice idea to show a picture for proof, here’s a photo I snapped of myself. Out walking.  ALONE.  In the rain. With a hangover.

Oops, did I say hangover?

But here’s the thing, Pam friends. How do you know I didn’t just drive up the hill, stand on the street on the edge of the reservation, snap the photo, get back in the car, and drive home?

Maybe my sopping wet sneakers will serve as proof? They’re sitting on my front porch, with yesterday’s newspaper stuffed into the toes. If you know where I live, you’re free to drive by and see for yourself.

Otherwise, you’re just gonna have to trust me.