Day 71

Weather Walking Update: Am doing the indoor route today…past J. Crew and Bloomingdale’s. Yep, I’m doing the mall, baby. Because it’s cold and wet and nasty outside.

I like being flexible. That not only means being able to do a split — yes I CAN do a split and I will prove it right now if somebody will come and take my photo! — it means going with the flow of life. And weather. Not to mention tides, moods, moons, stars..and of course fashion. I can’t wait to try on a new cropped cashmere sweater at J. Crew.  But I digress. 

Today I’d planned for weeks to walk in NYC’s Riverside Park with two really wonderful women. But the impending weather, someone’s sick babysitter, and the approaching holidays began to make it seem more stress than pleasure.

I wish I’d learned long ago how much simpler life can be when we’re willing to back out of plans and commitments that don’t feel right. 

We put off the walk for another day. I’m walking the mall instead. And come to think of it, I don’t really feel like doing a split right now, either.  But I can do one. I swear.