Day 70

It’s true — each BigWalk is a mini-adventure for me. I really love walking new cities and exploring new places, but each day I go out with a different friend or in a different direction, it’s a new experience and a mini-adventure.  

Friday night it was the ghosts in Washington Square Park. Saturday it was the first snow — so much better experienced outdoors than seen from a window. And Sunday, it was…the first thaw. Of course. But it was a beautiful thaw, and Toni (aka Intrepid Antoinette) and I discovered this “ghetto waterfall” downtown. So that was an adventure, too.

Kim Simpson, the creator of interviewed me this week for a profile on her “resolutionista” site. She asked a lot of questions about goals and how to achieve them, and it made me realize that a big goal is meaningless if you don’t enjoy doing what it takes each day to get there.

That’s never been as apparent to me as it is now. Making the commitment to walk 365 days is one thing…putting on your boots and raincoat and doing it in the sleet is another.  Turning each walk into an opportunity to see, learn, or experience something new is the only way to make it work. At least for me. If the journey isn’t enjoyable, why would you want to go there in the first place?