Day 68

I’ve been meeting new and inspiring walkers from all over the country thanks to  Vibrant Nation, The Happiness Project, and  Now that I’m featured on this month’s Spirited Woman blog contest page I’m hoping we’ll have even more walkers — especially those spirited West Coast women —  joining us soon.

Glamalynn’s been walking 3 miles every morning since 1992.  She gets out the door at first light. Sometimes she takes her camera and takes photographs.  It’s a silent journey she calles her “drug of choice.”

Lucky Lucy enlisted two friends to join in her 1000 in 2010 journey. They’re starting on New Year’s Day. She says, ” We don’t live close to each other, but that isn’t the point.  As nice as it would be to have a walking partner, I think I will enjoy the serenity of going it alone.  Thank YOU for this idea – I really really like it.” Yay, Lucy!

Heavenly Maree  Lost 60 pounds year before last, and has worked up to walking 4.5 miles a day. She says, “it takes just under an hour and includes 3 big winding hills. I’m in heaven! ”

 VN Gramma says, “I am very inspired by your walk.  I am 55 and used to walk all the time.  This year, though I still work out with weights, I have not been walking as much.  I plan to start again Dec 1st.   Best time for me is in the morning with or without my dog. =]” Welcome, Gramma!

SoTexas Cara says, “You guys have inspired me to become a daily/lifelong walker and push myself!  I live about an hour away from the beach so next time I’m down there I’ll take pictures …thanks for the inspiration, look forward to many miles together!”

Nanci, the Professional Listener.   She walks her dog Cody, runs along the ridge overlooking Manhattan, plays a mean game of tennis, and keeps her busy family going. When she’s not listening for a living, Nanci’s out having fun. And when she’s sitting, she’s knitting. You go, girl. You go, and you go, and you go…

MenWalkToo, Ed! After years of hiking in the mountains and woods, Ed’s walking 15-20 miles a week, locally. He brings his dog Duke when the pace is slower, and Ed says, “Men walk too…I appreciate your blog – used to do South Mountain all the time. Sign me up.”


Smiling Sandi says, “I just found you from the Happiness Project, which I read all the time. I walk with my dog for about 30 minutes each day. I say hi to anyone I pass in their yards or wave if they drive by on the street. I’m going to start following your site.” (And I’m going to say hi to people I pass, Sandi!)

Shauna: I too, have begun a “big walk”. I walk my kids to their school then spend the rest of that hour walking around my town. I vary the route, but spending an hour alone with myself (and my iPod) has been great mental health and hasn’t hurt me physically either.

Shirley:  “I live in a small town in Michigan(be sure to put a pin in your map for us in the Great Lake State)where there are many great places to go. I’m looking at my 60th birthday in a couple of weeks and need to lose weight. I find I’m not only energized from walking but also not hungry. I do need a lot of pushing to keep up any fitness program, even one I love so I’m really happy to have you right here. Thanks.”

My Nephews Bryce & Max. They like hiking, but hating posing for pictures. Alas!

Send your pictures and your stories, and I’ll add you to MyBigWalkers!