Day 66

I’m partial to poetry, especially a Dr. Seuss rhyme. I’m always surprised at how much I like rap music until I realize it’s basically Dr. Seuss lyrics put to music with some bad words thrown in…

One fish two fish / who the fu*k are you fish? / do you know this walker chick / and to you think her blog is slick? /

The prize goes to Lucy & Storey (yes, I can pick two winners — it’s my contest, remember?)  Storey’s ran yesterday. 

  Here’s Lucy’s:

Alien pods waiting to emerge
From the tree they will splurge
And look upon you and me
like we might be a cup of tea
run run get out this is not good
you should not be here – or you should
because its fun and air is free
at least until 3003.

Okay – Dr. Seuss, I’m not.
What contest?


And now, a  little rap from me:

Ms. L and Ms. S / please send me your address* / and I will send the book to you / but you must say Prato or BLUE / then tell me how to put the ink / that means I’ll sign it how you think / unless you want Pam Satran’s book / you can read about it here / I’ll send it right away my dear / I WON’T feel bad if you choose her / because I think she’s funnier / but BLUE is written all in verse / and some of it is pretty terse / but none of it is bad or worse / okay I think I’m done for now / I’d like to stop / PLEASE tell me how.

(send the address to my email