Day 62

I’m pretty sure the weird coconut-shelly things Pam and I found on the forest floor yesterday are indigenous to New Jersey. But what the heck are they? And how can I be sure they’re not…

  • Evidence of a pod invasion from outer space?
  • Archeological artifacts from the Lost Tiki Bar of Essex?
  • Lenape Indian cannonballs?
  • Scat droppings of a large carnivorous coniferous creature?

I’d like to hear your thoughts: what the hell are these things  and where did they come from? What are they good for? And is it okay if I use one for a cup to hold my pencils…or to brush my teeth?

Contest Rules As Follows:

  1. Identify this object
  2. Tell me where it comes from
  3. Propose a creative way to use it
  4. Or write a little story about it
  5. And make me laugh

Post your replies in the “Comments” box below. This is a FULLY TRANSPARENT and COMPLETELY NON-DEMOCRATIC contest. In other words, I pick the winner myself. And I send you a signed copy of The Miracles of Prato.  Or, if you insist, I can send you a copy of Pam’s book, How Not to Act Old. (Hers is funnier, but mine costs more!) 

A winner will be announced by Friday. So put on your thinking cap. And don’t let the pod people keep you from revealing what you know…or what you can imagine!