Day 52

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the help of Leonard Nemoy and the prospect of PRO$PERITY, I have to confess that today I’m really thinking about living long and loving it…prosperous, or not.  

Still with me?

Good. Then let me introduce you to John Galluzzo, a naturalist, journalist, and grant writer in Weymouth, Massachusetts, who just wrapped up his own year-long walking project, 30 Minutes a Day on Foot.

 John posted some gorgeous photos (like this one of the puffins) and kept some great stats : “number of stranger hellos today” is one of my favorites. 

Here’s what John has to say about his walking project:

Why all the Walking?

NPR changed my life. I was listening to a story on centenarians and how they got to their advanced ages when it struck me what I had to do. While I have no pretensions about reaching 100 years old, I do think there are things I can learn from people who do. Tip #1: walk thirty minutes a day. So here we go. Come along, but remember, it’s not obsession, it’s exploration.
Do you need any other reasons to get out and walk every day? Probably not. But here are two more, anyway 1) the sun is natural antidepressant. 2) regular exercise boosts endorphins. Which, as we know, is a natural antidepressant.
So. Walking = Natural Antidepressant.
If  we’re going to live to be 100, we’re going to want some of that every day with our morning coffee. Or maybe after 90, that’ll be our morning prunes and tea. But remember, it’s not obsession, it’s exploration. Have fun! 
And if you’re still looking for hints on how to make $, just pop on over to Robert Frank’s WSJ blog, The Wealth Report, to read where the rich and influential are putting their money these days.