Day 48

Today I’m rolling out the sidewalk for these new travelling companions who’ve joined My Big Walkers. The more the merrier is what I say. 

Just-so John. This charming friend walks a set route each day and times it to precisely 60 minutes on his iPhone stopwatch.  Now he says he’s willing to follow instead of lead. Viel glück zum geburtstag, John. And enjoy that beer!

Wendy the Walking Maven lives in southern Washington state and takes very long walks mostly-with-but-sometimes-without her iPod and her husband (though not necessary in that order?). She’s got tons of great informative, inspiring stuff on her daily blog and walking site on

Gillian’s Daily Poetry. She walks her dog rain or shine / snow or not / frigid or hot. A woman after my own heart, Gillian always says hello to people, always wears a slouchy cap, and rarely carries an iPod. If you have a photo please send it!

“I-Don’t-Drive” Dara: this Montreal student  gave up her car (or never had one?) and walks everywhere. She’s young and energetic and writes a fun blog. I hope to join her for a walk when I visit my daughter at McGill. Meanwhile I’m following her adventures here.

Speedy Sandy walks 4 miles in 50 minutes, and has been keeping up that daily pace for more than 20 years! “Sometimes I compete in half marathons and sometimes I just do extra miles for a challenge. I walk down country roads in central Indiana and long for beaches and mountains to make my walk more interesting.”  Having lived in the midwest, Sandy, I really, really know what you mean about the beaches.

Easygoing Atzin (send a picture!)  This cheerful walker made my day when she wrote, “You have most certainly inspired me. I will start my one hour a day walk. I have everything I need, feet, shoes, a pedometer, a watch, and a beautiful track near my home. The track is the best place for me to start. What a wonderful way to live life!”

Coach Rosalie. A life coach and walking coach, Rosalie took up daily walking after a (false!) cancer scare, and asks her clients to offer this life-affirming message to themselves everyday: I am proud to be a healthy walker. You can read more on her site, LiveHealthybyWalking.

PraiseWalker Darlene. This Canadian walker is turning 50 in 2011. She started walking in 2008 and completed  a full marathon last October! She’ training for her second one now, and uses walking as a form of meditation. You can check out her progress  here.

Leaf Boy. This is my son! Yes, my 16-year-old Johnny came for a walk with me this weekend. And we had a great time.  I just don’t know if he wants his friends to know!

Mystery Megan — Megan, if you’re out there, please write to me again! I remember your Vibram Five Finger Walking Glove Shoes but I can’t find your link or messages!

Later this week My Big Walk  be joining the Blog Circle on Vibrant Nation, opening up the site to thousands of new members.

My goal is to find a walker in every state of North America and  every province of Canada. So far we have New Jersey, New York, Indiana,  Washington, and Quebec.  When My Big Walkers spans the continent coast-to-coast, I’ll start inviting members to send in a photo and brief walking story, and I’ll run a different guest walker’s blog each Sunday.

The great thing about MyBigWalk is that anything’s possible. So tell your friends. And keep walking.