Day 44

Reflective+Pet+Safety+VestKaren in upstate New York asks, “What do you do during hunting season? It’s bow season right now in upstate NY, followed by muzzle-loader, followed by gun season. The whole thing won’t be over until December 22. My two dogs and I wear orange jackets and bells during bow and muzzle-loader but do no walking off-leash and off-road during the three-week gun season. What do you do?”

Karen, I’m sorry happy to say I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what a muzzle-loader is, but I’m pretty sure it sounds like something the gun control people should get on and outlaw right away.

As far as walking during hunting season goes, I was out on a long hike in the  Wisconsin woods with a friend and our toddlers some years back, when men in fullElmerCheney camouflage, carrying guns and other weapons (big knives, flashlights, nets and other strange things hanging from their gear belts) came out of the dense forest and followed us up the narrow staircase of a lookout tower. There was no one around, and we were terrified. We inched around them, pretty much serpentined toward our cars thinking we’d be dodging any stray bullets that way, slammed the car into gear, and raced away.

That was the last time I ventured anywhere near any trees or wildlife lands during hunting season.   Fortunately, there are no bow hunters in Montclair New Jersey except for those archers who take target practice in Brookdale Park. And to be quite honest, I walk behind the archers, never behind the targets. I don’t care if I’m wearing orange or not!

On the brighter side, I can offer this tip, courtesy of my sister-in-law Paula, for those of you looking for ways to add stair-climbing to your daily walk, and make it fun…