Day 43

dress and bootsToday I’m walking in the clothes I put on this morning: a dress, tights, and boots.  It’s a pretty nice outfit. I put it on because I didn’t feel like getting dressed at all this morning and sometimes on those days it’s best to either go big, or stay home.

(Actually, I didn’t mind getting dressed. I just didn’t want to get my face wet, brush my hair, or take off my slippers.)

Some days I shower for tennis, put on tennis clothes, shower after I play, put on some jeans, spend a few hours at my desk and then if I’m going someplace that night I might take a third shower — this time washing and styling my hair.

Walkers/readers/normal people with full-time jobs will probably find this hard to believe, but I’m sure I’m not the only one woman who’s spent that much time dressing and re-dressing on an average day.

I realized pretty quickly after starting My Big Walk that I’d never get through the year if I didn’t accept that some days I’ll walk in sneakers, some days I’ll walk in boots; some days I’ll never get out of my exercise clothes, and some days I’ll never get into them; some days I’ll be ready for a photograph, hangoverand some days, I’ll look like this…

I have full respect for walkers who don’t want to embarrass themselves with fashion don’ts. For you, I suggest Wendy Bumgardner’s  “What Not to Wear Walking” tips.

And for the rest of us, as long as it’s warm enough and waterproof when it’s raining, I say go for it.  Just try not to embarrass the dog.