Day 42

doing laundryWalking with other people on a daily basis is a little bit like stepping into somebody’s basement to watch them…do laundry.

Like sorting colors or adding bleach, each person has his own personal walking style — something that seems absolutely natural & necessary to you, but to the rest of us seems, basically, wierd.

Since the unexamined life is the best kind / for dumb people / not for people on the East Coast uh, not what I’m aiming for, here are a few ‘with or without’ questions that have come up on my daily walks with others.

With or without coffee?  I say everything’s better with caffeine.

With or without I-pod? Not necessary for me.

With or without cell phone? Better to have it, but not use it.

banana in your pocketWith or without a banana (or an apple — c’mon guys!) in your pocket?  Depends — what kind of fruit did you have in mind?

With or without the dog? Sarah’s my simplest walking companion.

With or without a destination? Some days yes, some days no.

With or without special sneakers? With or without gloves & hat? With or without sunscreen?

With or without getting in the car?

With or without a camera?

Raphael's_AngelsWith or without a purpose? 

With or without others?

With or without  judgement? With or without intention? With or without  guilt? With or without a guardian angel? With or without a higher power? With or without an inner light?

Sometimes the thing we think is an absolute necessity turns out to be the thing that’s weighing us down.   Sometimes letting go of our deepest attachments is the most liberating thing we’ve ever done. 

Over the years I’ve been shocked to find that the person, habit, or crutch I thought I couldn’t live without turned out to be just the thing I needed to let go of. 

I’m willing to try almost anything once — playing rap music on my I-pod while I’m out walking, washing my whites and darks together, walking in pink sandals or flip flops, following instead of leading, walking a mapped route in the shape of a ketchup bottle (yes, there are programs that can do that!). 

cabanaOr, conversely, leaving all that behind and just walking out the front door of my house, my hotel, my beach shack, my ski chalet, my pied-à-terre…you get the idea.

Just don’t expect me to leave the house without my morning coffee!