Day 36

So – I’m not the only walking blogger out there.  Au contraire, mon cher (I know, enough with the French already…just one more day, please). 

In Montreal there’s Dara — a college student who doesn’t own a car. danaShe says, “I walk everywhere, in all weather, and I like it….” You’ll find her at A Walking Blog. I’m hoping to meet up with Dara for a walk next time I’m up at McGill (I’m pretty sure that’s her, but I think I’ll need to see her face if I’m going to recognize her up in Canada).

On the West Coast we have Wendy Bumgardner blogging, walking, and organizing the annual Vancouver Discovery Walk Festival.  I’ve been getting daily motivational updates from Wendy’s 10-week Walk for Life mini-course at

bookColorado-based author and Nordic walker Claire Walter has already been out snow-shoeing in the Rocky Mountains this yearyear. That’s her book cover, and you can see her beautiful photographs at NordicWalkingUSA.

In Cheshire, England, David Preston’s been going on some cows on mountainreally adventurous walks and showing off sharing some pretty spectacular photographs like this one.

And there’s Vic, across the ocean, who’s preparing to walk  from his home in the French Pyrenees, to the house where he was born in Blackpool, Northern England in 70 days, arriving on his 70th birthday, in July (great minds think alike, Vic!). His walk is being supported by Columbia, the outdoor outfitter, and will raise money for  Pancreatic Cancer UK. Check him out at Vic’s Big Walk.

And that’s about it, folks.  There are millions of us walking, and only a few of us keeping a public record of it. Which is why I’m positively thrilled to let you know that soon I’ll be a regular blog circle feature on the interactive community website, Vibrant Nation. My Wall of Walkers will be growing, and our leagues will be expanding.

So stay tuned. Keep sending updates to my Wall of Walkers  (thanks, Storey!). And remember, THERE IS NO WALL OF SHAME…(not yet, anyway).