Day 35


I admit it — sometimes I don’t want to go for my daily walk. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking, making a 365-day commitment to myself and then broadcasting it all over the internet.  But then I remember the guy who pledged to have sex with his wife every day for a 101 days  (it’s true, Douglas Brown’s book is called Just Do It), and Nina Sankovitch, who’s just finished reading a book a day for a year.

And just when I’m beginning to think I’m crazy and they’re crazier, I see a story like this piece by Andy Newman, from Sunday’s New York Times:

(Photo credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Times) 
That’s Andy Newman and his dog, Barnaby, on Warren Street in Brooklyn, where they paced off an entire marathon (26.2 miles) without ever leaving their home block.
Newman says…”I was in Lap 17 of 75.4, on a quest to walk a marathon around my block, so the prospect of a $16 pedicure with foot massage seemed a good omen….”

Newman kept walking even after his pooch Barnaby quit. But Annie Brown — the wife of Just Do It author Doug Brown, and a real trooper — didn’t have that option. And neither do I.