Day 30

long-uphill-road-2Answer: Yes.  If you want to start a walking program and can dedicate 30 minutes a day, that’s awesome!  There’s no minimum. Any time or distance you can commit to is the right one for you. I’m a firm believer in beginning where you are at this moment.

Answer:  Absolutely,  you’re allowed to skip a day.  But I’m not allowed to.

Answer:  If I positively have to skip a day — like when I missed the plane from Paris, slept at an airport hotel, woke up at 5 to get on the plane and arrived home exhausted and running a mild fever — then I walk two hours the next day. 

Answer: Yes, the above scenario is one that really happened. Three days ago. I’m just about over the jltdalgk jet lage jet lag.

Answer: If you really must know, we got to the airport 50 minutes ahead of our boarding time, but Continental had already closed their check-in counters. So they put us on the next flight. Standby.

airplane taking offAnswer: Standby was full.

Answer: Can we change the subject, please?

Answer:  Yes, I do believe my walking project is inspiring other people toyoga start their own walking projects. I’ve heard of a few yoga projects, too. 

Answer:  Sigh.  Okay, I’ll say it again.  YES. Walking 30 minutes a day counts. Making any committment to a regular fitness routine is healthy and positive. It’s an opportunity — not a shame game or a blame game. 

Answer: I don’t even have a Wall of Shame — how could I post slow walkers’ pictures there?!

Answer: Since you asked so nicely, yes, I’ll see if I can find a way to work the oyster photo from Paris into tomorrow’s post. 

Answer: Oysters are a what!? Hmmm. That explains a lot. Indeed, it does.

Answer: Sorry, time’s up.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.