Day 24


It ain’t exactly a newsflash that people who walk are healthier.

But it’s worth noting that people who live in places that promote walking  and offer access to healthy foods are less likely to develop diabetes.

This, according to Drexel U public health research study, which appears in a new issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Even in the Bronx?

Yup — even in the Bronx.fugeddaboudit

So fugeddaboudit if you’re tryin’ to avoid gettin’ healthy. Just livin’ and walkin’ in the city can do it.  And as we saw in last week’s Broadway Project post, the NYC Department of Transportation is doing what it can to make walking safer and more enjoyable in the 5 boroughs.

Let’s support complete cities and safe streets initiatives. Because we’re all pedestrians — if we know what’s good for us.

Ya know what I’m sayin’?