Day 14

Who are the friends accompanying me on my journey?   Here’s a cast of characters.  And they are characters, believe me!

nadineNadine ( Nimble Nicotine Addict):  How does she stay so fit and youthful? If she knows her own secret, she’ll never tell!   Reaching for her walking shoes instead of her car keys, Nadine is logging mileage simply keeping up with her weekly errands. Where next, Nadine?

Intrepid Antoinette:  The first walker to join me on myIMG_2413 maiden runs, talented Toni writes weekly New York Times real estate articles while balancing a full plate of artistic, domestic, and spiritual pursuits.  See her most recent articles here.  

Pam Never Acts Old:  If you’re lucky enough to meet Pam walking in NYC, NJ, Paris, pam satranWisconsin, Virginia, or any of the other places her adventurous spirit takes her, be sure to ask her How Not to Act Old.  She’s sure to have a tip that’ll tickle your funny bone (ooops — that expression’s a dead  old-person-giveaway!).

Leapin’ Lori: Artist, cyclist, learning specialist, tennis court terror–lori Lori leaps from one project to another with the speed of lightning. And she’s good at everything she does.  Check out her paintings.

Slobbering Sarah:  My most reliable and loyal walking companion. IMG_2560People say she needs to lose weight. A year of walking should put my overgrown puppy on track.

Leslie, Lady of Letters:  A veteran journalist with a bittersweet story of love and loss to share, Leslie’s lesliebeen posting fabulous walking routes on the site since it launched.

 Black Belt Cyd:   Celebrating strength and vitality, this walker marked her 50th year bycyd earning a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt in Martial Arts.  Cyd walks in Manhattan and  New Jersey but later this month she’ll be walking in Berlin. Watch for her updates here.

My Darlin’ Darline:  A lifelong Long Islander, with a house overlooking the bay, Darline is walking a half hour a day — a huge committment for someone with two careers and two lively granddaughters who keep her life joyous. (no pic)

Watchung Booksellers is Watching: Don’t know if they’re walking, but the women at my cozy independent bookstore around the corner have been supplying me with a steady special order diet of books that feature walking. This week it’s Meredith Hall’s gorgeous, chilling memoir, Without a Map.

IMG_2366Donna, My Sistah:  I’m the oldest of three sisters. Which means I’m the first to turn 50. But Donna’s not far behind me. For her milestone birthday she’s planning a hike down into the Grand Canyon. All are welcome. I’ll be there!

Laura. A Leading Lady. Laura doesn’t walk — she runs! Sometimes IIMG_0225 keep up with her in Verona Park. She and I wrote a novel together, and once we’ve stopped to catch our breath, we’re planning to write another.

Frank. Loving. Kind. Jock:   This is my frank n johnhusband. He changed my life, always for the better.  Next week, we’re walking Paris together.  Just the two of us. Yeah, baby.

Want to be added to the Walking Wall? Send me a short note about yourself and your walking habits (new or old!) and I’ll add you to the Wall of Walkers. This will be a Regular Page on MyBigWalk. Look for it on the sidebar, to the right, beginning tomorrow.