Day 13

talking on phone and walkingSince I started walking, a really nice thing has happened: people call me up to walk with them. Often.  

 Friends pick up the phone and say, ‘hey, did you walk yet?’  and they pretty much know that if I haven’t yet walked, we’re good for a go around the park.  Which means we’re good for a walk and a talk.

Walk talk is different than dinner talk. It’s different from lunch talk. It’s different than phone talk. Because walking and talking is done at a fast, pumped pace, walk talk is a series of can-do  stories with lots of questions and answers. At least it is for me and my fellow walkers.

What do we talk about?  Well, we talk about work. About sex love.  About siblings and teenagers and about politics. We talk about road rage and bike lanes and the places we where we want to travel. We talk about how life keeps coming at whatever pace you can field it — sometimes faster than you’d like, but never too fast. Not for the friends I’m walking with, anyway.

Walk talk isn’t just about problems: it’s about solutions. Too often in life I hear people telling other people why something can’t be done. But when we walk, nobody says that. Nobody says, “you can’t,  and here’s why.”

Mostly, the friends and family who are coming out and walking with me are people who say, “yes you can, and here’s how.” 

That’s the walk talk.

So if you haven’t called a friend and invited her for a walk talk, do it today.