Day 7

You probably remember Nadine, last seen walking four miles roundtrip to buy her pack of Dutch cigars.

 “As you know, walking 50, 60, 70 blocks in New York is nothing because there’s always a good reason to go and something to see along the way,” Nadine says. “I’ve lived in Montclair for 20 years and I think I’ve walked through this town more in the last 6 days than all 20 years put together.  Believe it or not, I am actually seeing houses I’ve never seen before!”

Walking to and from errands is an excellent way to make the miles add up.  

 Maybe it shouldn’t always go without saying that there’s a big plus to taking a slower approach to life.  Walking instead of driving, phoning instead of texting, reading instead of listening to a book on tape, inviting friends for dinner instead of driving an hour and waiting for a table at a restaurant.   

For My Big Walk sometimes I have to build walking into my days without disrupting them.  Voila: the destination walk.  A cupboard without coffee or a pile of bills without stamps is sometimes what it takes to get out, and get moving.

And if I have to order takeout for supper because every other errand took a long time, well, tomorrow I’ll make up for it by making homemade sauce…maybe.  At least we know Nadine can’t order those Dutch cigars delivered to her door. And if she can, let’s not tell her.