Day 5

….does it still count as exercise?

The short answer is OF COURSE it counts.  You’re out there oxygenating your muscles, decreasing stress,  and taking part in the flow of life.  Let’s face it, you were probably going to drink that bottle of Chardonnay with or without the walk. Driving to the liquor store wouldn’t have made the wine and cheese evening any healthier.

(What’s that?  Chardonnay and Pinot Noir? Well then, if you carried two bottles of wine home on your walk, you were adding a little weight resistance to your cardio constitutional.) 

My friend Nadine walked to the gas station to buy her slim Dutch cigars yesterday. She left her house and walked  briskly past the cemetary, along the road that runs by the college, up Long Hill Road, to the back entrance of the exotic tobacco store on Route 46.   

Yes, Nadine should absolutely quit smoking. But she’s been smoking  for years. She’s tried nicotine patches,  Wellbutrin, Pilates, guilt, and chewing gum. She could quit if she wanted to, I’m quite sure. But Nadine likes to smoke.

Last month, she was smoking and driving to the store for her cigars. This month, she walked there.  

 Taking a righteous stand about a daily walk isn’t going to promote walking any more than the minister or rabbi who berates a full room of worshipers for only turning up on the high holy days.   If we want to feed our bodies, our minds, and our souls in small doses, I think that’s our own business. When I’m sitting reading Macbeth and feeling darn good about myself for choosing Shakespeare over, say,, I don’t need someone coming along and saying, “well it’s about time you stopped reading that internet crap!”

Perhaps I’ve digressed. So let’s get back to basics, here.  Go ahead: walk to the tobacco store. Walk to the liquor store. It’s good for you. And that isn’t the punchline to a joke.  It’s the truth.