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Has walking gone the way of jazz and wall-to-wall carpeting? Are all of us who walk wearing sensible shoes and getting into bed before The Colbert Report airs on Central Standard Time?  Judging by the walking websites and on-line walking clubs, the answer would be a big, loud, aero-soled yes.  With names like Volkswalkers of America, walking websites and clubs are hard to find and seem to be designed for old fogies.

But I’ve been putting my sneakers right next to my alarm clock, rolling out of bed with the civilized birds that wake after sunrise, and getting my day started by walking. Outside. In the snow rain sleet hail fog…yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard all that already.  And by all accounts I’m not really old yet, and I’m more round that square.  

But you already know that, right? That’s why you’re here, with me, on My Big Walk.

Soon I’ll be posting walking routes, maps, and plans for keeping myself interested and interesting as the year of my big walk continues. I’d love to hear your suggestions for how to make the site more interesting and relevant to you.

Meanwhile, if you want to check out some of the walking sites already out there, here they are:

MapMyWalk: A great idea — you can map an individual walking route, or find one already mapped for you. I used the program to map today’s route in the shape of an infinity glyph (see above). The program is a little hard to use, and the cursor keeps jumping all over the place.  We’ll see if I’m able to master the page as time goes on.

American Volkssport Association.  Volkssporters, according to the site, are those who’ve pursued “a personal fitness sport and recreation program” of noncompetitive walks, bike rides, hikes, and so on.

America Walks. This is a cheerful-looking non-profit advocacy organzation site that hopes to promote walking across the country but offers too much downbeat information about people who don’t walk, or those who walk under unsafe conditions.

The Walking Site.  A useful site if you want to read about stretching before exercises and find motivation and nutrition tips.