bag lady barbie If you thought that was a bag lady you saw trudging through the park yesterday in 93 degree heat, think again! That was me, fulfilling some kind of silly (okay pathetic ) fantasy of walking to the grocery store in order to avoid driving there and feeling like a suburban housewife which of course I am not — I am a woman with a mission, a woman on a BIG WALK through the 50th year of her life. Not to mention a writer blogger.

Did I feel smug as I strode up to the cash register with two hand baskets and pulled two recyclable carry sacks out of my backpack? Nah, not me. I felt green. And after I walked home through the park with fifteen pounds of groceries (half of them stuffed in my backback) I felt hot. chicken and egg 2And when I found the eggs made it home at the bottom of my backpack unbroken, well…THEN I felt smug.